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Project Overview

In this project, I was asked to find a poorly-designed flyer in my town that could be improved through great graphic design in order to better communicate the information on the flyer. I was then asked to design visual system and a corresponding brochure, website and poster series that would expand upon the flyer's original message to appeal to a wider audience through a variety of platforms.

Date of Completion

Spring 2020

Categories and Disciplines

Visual Identity

Kind of Project

Print Design, Digital Design

Concept/Design Goals

I based my project on a flyer that advertised guitar lessons from a local musician. I chose to base my design direction on the keyword “Nostalgic” and then selected a muted color palette and Art Deco-inspired typefaces to reflect ideas of sentimentality. To further continue this nostalgic direction,
I added sepia filters, heavy noise and dreamy light leaks to the photography in each deliverable.


I designed my brochure as a square booklet that could fit into a CD case to highlight the musical aspect of my project. My poster series was designed to function as a set as well as independently, and my website consisted of five pages that accentuated the musician’s diverse repertoire and robust social media presence.

Poster Series Mockup.png
Poster Series Mockup.png
Poster Series Mockup.png
Poster Series Mockup.png
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