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Project Overview

In this project, I was asked to find a defunct brand that has had an impact on American consumer culture and to completely rebrand it. After researching the company, I developed a rebranding strategy, designed a new brandmark and created a new visual system for the brand. I was then asked to prototype a set of possible extensions for my chosen company and design a website to display them.

Date of Completion

Spring 2021

Categories and Disciplines

Branding, Visual Identity, Typography, Marketing, Copywriting

Kind of Project

Print Design, Digital Design, Logo Design

Concept/Design Goals

I chose to rebrand Bonne Bell, a cosmetics company that was popular in the 1990's and early 2000's but went out of business due to increased competition and a rigorous focus on a market of teenage girls. After examining the brand's history, I created a new mission statement for the company, now targeting a wider market of women with the focus of empowering them, fostering creative self-expression and encouraging them to live authentically.


I created for the company a new icon, a geometric interpretation of a butterfly, because of it's association with change, metamorphosis and beauty, which tied back to my brand mission nicely. I designed a blush color palette and a typographic system of modern and friendly serif and sans serif typefaces that I felt would appeal to a female audience. Finally, I created a series of brand extensions including products, services, events and environments that the new Bonne Bell could offer, and organized them into key categories of empowerment, expression and authenticity.

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