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Project Overview

In this project, I was asked to find a local art exhibition that had a robust range of works which could inspire a creative visual system. I was then asked to create a series of print, digital and environmental deliverables that promoted the artist's work to market the exhibition.

Date of Completion

Fall 2020

Categories and Disciplines

Type Systems, Visual Identity, Copywriting

Kind of Project

Print, Digital and Environmental Design

Concept/Design Goals

I based this project on an exhibit called Elemental, which featured the works of Teresita Fernández. I established a type system of contrasting serif and sans serif typefaces to reflect the various mediums of the artist’s work, and chose
a color palette of black and gold inspired by Fernandez's Golden collection. I then organized the artist's works into four categories, entitled Fire, Earth, Water and Sky to help categories the 80+ works in the exhibit.


For my print deliverable, I created a 44-page exhibition catalog with original copy discussing each work in the exhibit. My digital deliverable consisted of a five-page website formatted for desktop devices which explored the exhibit, the artist and collections of work. My environmental deliverables consisted of nine pieces marketing the exhibit, including a poster series, wall graphics, gallery cards and exterior banners.

Home Page Mockup on iMac RGB.png
User Flow.jpg
Environmental Poster Comp 1 - Flattened.
Environmental Poster 2.jpg
Exhibition Map Updated Mockup.jpg
Directory Updated Mockup.jpg
Exterior Banner Background Mockup V2.png
Golden:Vinales Gallery Tag Mockups.png
Welcome to Elemental Graphic Mockup copy
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