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the world

Project Overview

In this project, I was asked to find a robust podcast with a story that held opportunities for a visually rich design. I was then asked to design a chapbook featuring the transcript from the podcast with a complex typographic system and imagery inspired from the story.

Date of Completion

Fall 2020

Categories and Disciplines

Type Systems

Kind of Project

Print Design Design

Concept/Design Goals

I chose the podcast from This American Life entitled “Mapping,” which features different stories about how five people map the world around them, each using one of the five senses — sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. I then developed a type system using a combination of serif and sans serif typefaces that paired well together and would be easily readable at text and display sizes, and established a color palette of red, white and blue to reflect the American roots of the podcast. My imagery was sourced from the speakers in the podcast and supplemented with additional images that connected to their stories, to which I applied heavy blue duotone filters to unify the design as a whole.

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