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Project Overview

In this project, I was asked to find a problem in the world that I am passionate about, and  to create a fake company to address the issue. I was then asked to design for my company a visual identity, logo, and a series of print and digital deliverables that would encourage my audience to realize and tackle the problem.

Date of Completion

Summer 2020

Categories and Disciplines

Visual Identity, Marketing, Copywriting

Kind of Project

Print Design, Digital Design, Logo Design

Concept/Design Goals

I based my project on encouraging people to upcycle their unused or worn out household objects instead of getting rid of them. I created a visual system based on “imaginative” and “transformative” keywords. My goal was to show the before and after stages of upcycling projects by contrasting geometric and organic shapes, handwritten and digital typefaces, and approachable yet vibrant colors and textures.

I combined these elements into a brand identity for my fake company, Re|Design, and then extended the identity to apply to a mobile website, a social media campaign, and  a brochure for a fake exhibition teach my audience more about why they should try upcycling their unused items.

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